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Discover Why You’ll Want to Have Your Micro Wedding at Garnet Hill Lodge

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Tap Into the Latest Wedding Craze & Have the Adirondack Ceremony of Your Dreams

You can’t beat an Adirondack-style wedding at Garnet Hill Lodge, where we offer rustic yet elegant lodging, year-round activities on-site and close by, and 175 acres surrounded by gorgeous views and wilderness.

Keep reading to find out how you can have the Adirondack wedding you’ve always wanted here at Garnet Hill while jumping on the new and popular “micro wedding” craze. A perfectly sized, Adirondack-themed wedding? Yes, it can happen here! You won’t just get the celebration of a lifetime, but so will every single one of your guests as they engage in an authentic Adirondack experience all weekend long.

bride and groom in winter

Garnet Hill Lodge offers stunning sights at any time of year.

Micro: Small, But Not Too Small

First, what is a micro wedding? A micro wedding is a smaller event than a traditional wedding, with no more than 40 guests. With a guest list of this number, you can extend invitations beyond immediate family, but still keep the affair to a modest size.

wedding party on a dock

From Friday evening to Sunday morning, every guest will have an incredible time.

At Garnet Hill, this recent pivot in wedding trends toward more intimate celebrations opens up new opportunities, as smaller groups are able to fit comfortably inside our main Lodge. Plus, depending on the season, you and your guests can enjoy our groomed, cross-country ski or snowshoeing trails, on-site hiking or biking trails, and many other activities, turning a micro-wedding into a complete Adirondack experience for all of your guests.

If you are looking to plan a super-small wedding instead, we offer an elopement package as well, for an event of 10 people or fewer.

three women cross-country skiing

On-site and close-by trails offer opportunities for recreation all year round, plus Thirteenth Lake!

Benefits to Having a Smaller Wedding

If you’ve ever heard a married couple say that their wedding went by in a blur, and they barely had time to say hello to each and every guest, it’s true. But not with a micro wedding! The newly married couple can take their time mingling with loved ones.

And, if you pick an Adirondack location like ours, you can extend the event to the entire weekend. You’ll be able to go for a hike, snowshoe trek, or cross-country ski excursion with out-of-town friends the day before, or catch up with your guests at a farewell brunch the day after.

Smaller weddings still take planning and precision, which is why we have a designated wedding planning coordinator on staff to help the bride and groom take care of all the details, and carve out the right itinerary for you.

cozy lodge with fireplace

It might be cold outdoors, but wedding guests will be cozy and warm by the fire in the lodge!

The Non-Peak Season & How Much You Can Save

We consider our non-peak season (because there’s never an “off season” here!) to be November (with the exception of Thanksgiving and the following weekend), the first two weeks of December, and all of March, April, and May.

If you book a micro wedding of 40 people or fewer during non-peak season, you’ll reap the following savings: 20% off per person pricing for buffet and plated dinners, including a champagne toast for all guests; number of rooms required for booking the lodge is reduced from 25 to 16 (with just a 1-night requirement); room rates are discounted; and, the facility fee is significantly reduced – from $3,500 to $2,500.

bride and groom at sunset

Capture that Adirondack magic at your micro wedding.

To recap, a micro wedding at Garnet Hill means you and over two dozen of your favorite people experiencing an intimate, memory-building celebration of love in the heart of the Adirondacks – for way less money than you anticipated.

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