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Reminiscent of an Adirondack Great Camp

In 1893, Frank Hooper opened a garnet mine not far from the site of today’s Garnet Hill Lodge. At its peak, the mine produced 5,000 tons of garnet ore annually. The Hooper’s Mine settlement became a bustling community which included a store, schoolhouse, blacksmith, a large boarding house and many private homes, the sum of which totaled 55 buildings.

In 1909 Hooper built Big Shanty, as home for him and his family. Big Shanty stands to this day, a short distance down the hill from Garnet Hill Lodge.

By 1928 the supply of garnet ore was exhausted and the mine ceased operation. Many residents left in search of other work.

The Loghouse at Garnet Hill Lodge was built in 1937 for Hooper’s son-in-law as a guest house and restaurant. The Loghouse is a log structure built in the classic Adirondack Camp style.

In 1970 The Loghouse was purchased by Paul and Nancy Cormack who operated the Loghouse as a classic Adirondack Inn and the property evolved into a popular resort community. The Loghouse and other structures comprising the Garnet Hill Lodge have been operating as an Inn and Cross Country Ski Center since that date. In the late 1980’s Garnet Hill Lodge underwent considerable renovation to enlarge the building and add two additional buildings that house guest accomodation.

Guests at Garnet Hill Lodge today can enjoy many of the original features of the 1937 building, including the impressive stone fireplace that dominates the guest lounge and provides a focal point for quiet evenings beside the fire.

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Garnet Hill Lodge

Garnet Hill Lodge