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Hiking Near North Creek NY

Explore 600 acres of ski trails in varying difficulty levels, including the Hooper Mine, Sugar House, and Putty Pond trails. Or hike along well-maintained and well-marked trails to other backcountry spots in the Siamese Pond Wilderness Area. Choose from an all-day guided climb of a 4000-foot high peak, a leisurely walk in the woods, or a fishing adventure-hike to a remote pond. Garnet Hill Lodge is an ideal home base for those who want to go hiking in the Southern Adirondacks, given that we offer on-site trails, close proximity to other popular treks, and our own lodging and dining.

We are now offering guided hikes starting from our Outdoor Center! Join us for a full-day or half-day of hiking and let us help you explore all that our neck of the woods has to offer.

Full-Day Hikes

Spend 6-8 hours with us as we explore the mountains, taking breaks as needed.  Lodge guests receive 20% off both full- and half-day hikes.  There is no fee to Lodge Guests for scheduled hikes and kayak tours on Saturdays and Sundays.  All guided hikes must be arranged a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the date of interest, and full payment is due 24 hours in advance. Reservations can be made by calling our Outdoor Center at (518) 251-2150.

  • $90 per person
  • $70 per person for groups of 4 or more
  • $280 families*

*family rate includes one or two parents and as many children under the age of 14.

Half-Day Hikes

A half-day hike takes approximately 3-4 hours roundtrip and is based on the group’s fitness level.  We will work to pair hikers with groups that match their fitness and experience level.

  • $45 per person
  • $35 per person for groups of 4 or more
  • $180 families*

Hike out the Door, Leave Your Car Behind

Right outside the door, guests can begin hikes and trail runs to nearby Hooper Mine, William Blake Pond, Balm of Gilead Mountain, and trails into the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area.  Rising right out of Thirteenth Lake are “The Garnet Hills” – Ruby, Peaked, Slide, Little Thirteenth, and Hour Pond mountains.  A short drive (40 min.) to the state trailhead at Tawahus provides access to trails into the Adirondack High Peaks area, featuring 50 square miles of mountain wilderness and world-class hiking adventures. 

The Garnet Hill Ski Trails provide 55km of wide and relatively even walking trails for guests looking for great hiking on surer footing.  These trails work their way through the woods, past historic remnants of the area’s past, over hilltops providing scenic vistas and into peaceful valleys full of wildlife.  Our trails also provide the most direct path down to the lake from our main Log House building.


Hikes Near Garnet Hill Lodge

The following is a collection of some of our favorite hikes and outings near the Lodge.   There are certainly many more that we have not included here.  The Outdoor Center staff are happy to provide more details on these hikes, and most are included on this Map of the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area.


Peaked Mountain

Distance (round trip):  8.2 miles (6.4 miles if you start by canoe across Thirteenth Lake)

Vertical Rise: 1245 feet

Hiking Time: 7 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill Lodge: No significant distance, Walk to boat launch

Peaked Mountain is a local favorite.  The trail to Peaked Mountain Pond that sits below the mountain’s rocky cone provides a pleasant, steady climb.  The pond is an ideal place to stop and have refreshment before ascending the cone.  Once at the top there are marvelous views down to the pond and across to the area’s mountains.


Balm of Gilead

Distance (round trip): 2.2 miles

Vertical Rise: 400 feet

Hiking Time: 1.5 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill Lodge: No significant distance, Walk to trail head

The trail starts right from the Garnet Hill Outdoor Center and the hike takes you to a magnificent cliff on the Balm of Gilead that overlooks Thirteenth Lake and the mountains beyond.


Blue Ledge on the Hudson

Distance (round trip):  5 miles

Vertical Rise: 230 feet

Hiking Time: 3 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill: 13 miles

No more inviting place exists on the Hudson River than the narrows of Blue Ledge in the heart of the Adirondacks.  The towering cliffs that give the gorge its name rise above one of the river’s wildest stretches of rapids.  The sand beach opposite the ledges make an excellent place to picnic.


OK Slip Falls

Photo Credit: NY Ski Blog

Distance (round trip): 6.5 miles

Vertical Rise: 1250 feet

Hiking Time: 4 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill: 6 miles

OK Slip Falls is one of the highest waterfalls in the Adirondacks featuring a 200 foot drop.  Overall, the walk to OK Slip Falls is fairly easy. Most of the trail is flat.  The views once at the falls are spectacular.


Elizabeth Point

Distance (round trip): 2.4 miles

Vertical rise: 150 feet

Hiking Time: 2 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill Lodge: No significant distance, Walk to trail head

This route follows a distinct old road to the site of an 1877 farmstead and plantation foundations are still visible amidst the trees. A short side trail leads to Elizabeth Point on Thirteenth Lake where there is a nice picnic spot and beach with great views.


East Branch of the Sacandaga

Distance (round trip): 5.0 miles

Vertical rise: No significant rise

Hiking Time: 3 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill Lodge: No significant distance, Walk to trail head


This makes an ideal easy day hike.  Beginning near the lodge at Old Farm Trailhead, the trail makes it’s way down Old Farm Trail to the clearing, then left on a narrower path through the woods with gentle ups and downs until you arrive at the creek.  There is a crossing over the river and the nearby campsite makes a nice spot for a picnic.


Hooper Mine

Distance (round trip): 1 mile

Vertical rise: 200 feet

Hiking Time: 1 hour

Distance from Garnet Hill Lodge: No significant distance, Walk to trail head

This trail starts from the Garnet Hill Outdoor Center.  Take the Hooper Mine Trail Explore an abandoned open pit garnet mine and buildings along the path. From the rim of the pit there are views of Thirteenth Lake and the high peaks in the distance.


East Branch Trail to Garnet Hill

Distance: 13 miles

Vertical Rise: 750 feet

Hiking Time: 8 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill: No significant distance to near end. Drive 22 miles to trail head on far end, walk back to Garnet Hill Lodge.

This trail takes you through the heart of the Siamese Ponds Wilderness, a remote wilderness area.  You pass no roads or other signs of civilization on the hike until you return to Garnet Hill.  Done as a one-way drop off from the trail head on Route 8, (See road map) the route makes for a very manageable overnight hike, and you can stop to make camp beside the Sacandaga River.


13th Lake Trail Walk

Distance: 2 miles

Vertical Rise: 100 feet

Hiking Time: Will vary

Distance from Garnet Hill: 1.8 miles

A beautiful and relaxed trail walk alongside pristine 13th Lake.  Talk this hike as quickly or as slowly as you would like, stopping along the way to admire the scenery.  Start from the 13th Lake Trail head.  You will walk about a mile along the trail before it turns away from the lake to head up to Peaked Mountain.  This is where you can turn around and head back to the trail head and parking lot.  Towards the end of this section of the trail, there are a serious of rocks that make a great picnic and swimming spot for those who are so inclined.  Getting out is a bit trickier than getting in, so bring your water shoes.


Garnet Mine Tour

Distance: 8 miles (4 miles out and 4 miles back)

Vertical Rise: 538 feet

Hiking Time: 4 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill Lodge: No significant distance, Walk to trail head

Established in 1878, Barton Mine is one of the oldest family owned and operated mines in the United States and the home of the New York State Gemstone.  Though the company is still operating at a different site, they now offer seasonal tours of the disused mine.  You can hike from the Garnet Hill Outdoor Center to the mine using the Halfway Brook Trail and the Botheration Pond Trail.  The Halfway Brook Trail was traditional path through the Garnet Hills, in the Southern Adirondacks. It was used by locals for decades prior to the land’s inclusion into the Forest Preserve. In the 1930s, it was traveled by mine workers moving from their North River living quarters to the mine each day.  On your way down the trail, you will pass by beautiful big hardwoods, through a notch, with cliffs on the north side and a more gradual slope on the south, and past “The Beaver Swamp” and William Blake Pond.  Please note, you will want to call ahead to inquire about availability of the Garnet Mine Tours.


Camp Santanoni

Distance (round trip): 9.8 miles

Vertical Rise: 340 ft.

Hiking Time: 4 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill: 37 miles

Drive to Camp Santanoni, an old Adirondack Camp that once served as a vacation home to the wealthy in the days when they would arrive via train and then horse-drawn carriage.  From the gate complex, you can hike 4.9 miles down a peaceful, wide, dirt and gravel carriage road through the woods to the main complex of Camp Santanoni.  The path is considered “Wild Forest” and works its way past the ruins of the old farm complex.  Once you arrive, you can picnic, swim (weather permitting) and complete a tour of the historic buildings.  Map of Camp Santanoni and Lake Harris.


Chimney Mountain

Photo credit: Post Star

Distance: 2.6 miles

Vertical Rise: 986 feet

Hiking Time: 3 hours

Distance from Garnet Hill: 22.3 miles

This is a relatively short but steep hike with a fun summit that has rock formations and caves to explore in addition to a fantastic view.  As you get towards the top of the trail there will be a few steep sections with some rocky terrain.  Directions to trail head.

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