Hiking near The Lodge

Explore 600 acres of ski trails with many interesting views and destinations including Hooper’s Garnet Mine, the Sugar House and Putty Pond. Or hike to backcountry spots in the Siamese Pond Wilderness area on well maintained and well marked trails. Choose from an all day climb topping out a 4000 ft. high peak, a leisurely walk in the woods, or a fishing adventure-hike to a remote pond.  Garnet Hill Lodge is an ideal Adirondack hiking lodge for outdoor southern Adirondack hiking, featuring rustic charm, modern comforts and the Log House Restaurant and Pub.

Right outside the door, guests can begin hikes and trail runs to nearby Hooper Mine, William Blake Pond, Balm of Gilead Mountain, and trails into the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area. Rising right out of Thirteenth Lake are “The Garnet Hills” – Ruby, Peaked, Slide, Little Thirteenth, and Hour Pond mountains. The Hooper Garnet Mine is an historic mine which closed in 1928 after 25 years of operation. There are still many remnants of the mining operation to be seen along the way and at the quarry itself. Hikers can retrieve garnets from the rock to this day.

A short drive (40 min.) to the state trailhead at Tawahus can access trails into the Adirondack High Peaks area. The High Peaks is 50 square miles of mountain wilderness and world class hiking adventures. Hikers can access trails to Mt. Marcy, Algonquin, Mt. Colden, and other mountains in the area. Also in the High Peaks Area is the former great camp Santanoni. The old road leading into the camp is a great walk or mountain bike ride. There are also horse and wagon trips into Santanoni.

Also near Garnet Hill are great hikes to Blue, Snowy, Crane, and Chimney mountains. Hikers climbing Chimney are rewarded not only with a great summit view, but also an opportunity to explore a network of ice caves located near the summit. Even during August there is ice in the caves.

The Garnet Hill Trail Map has a sample of some hikes on Lodge lands as well as in the state land that surrounds us.

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Garnet Hill Lodge

Garnet Hill Lodge