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Try Railbiking In The Adirondacks

Revolution Rail Co.

Experience the Adirondacks in a whole new way when you try railbiking with Revolution Rail Co. Pedal a 2- or 4-person railbike along the railroad tracks and take in the stunning sights along the way.

Revolution Rail Co.’s North Creek location, just 16 minutes from Garnet Hill Lodge, offers two different routes (one 7 miles and the other 7.5 miles) and trips throughout the summer and fall.┬áSome highlights of the trip include many species of wildflowers and shrubs that are reclaiming the tracks, a trestle bridge spanning the Hudson River, and a brief break for riders on the banks of the Boreas River. As an added bonus, Revolution Rail Co. offers complimentary coffee and pastries provided by local vendors before the start of the first runs every Sunday!

Revolution Rail offers more than just a railbike ride, too. They provide a unique educational experience for their guests and are a committed partner within the North Creek community.

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