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A Comprehensive Adirondack Hiking Guide

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Over the years, we’ve written a lot of literature about the countless Adirondack hiking trails near Thirteenth Lake and serene Garnet Hill Lodge. We even curated a helpful Adirondack trail guide, which outlines distances, directions, and elevation gains for each local hike. This summer, we’ve decided to piece together a comprehensive, bookmark-able Adirondack hiking guide that will come in handy for years to come.

The 30 Best Adirondack Hiking Trails

Below, you’ll discover 30 links to 30 unique Adirondack hiking trails, about half of which are accessible on foot from our very own Outdoor Center. Each link takes you to a detailed description via AllTrails.com or Garnet-Hill.com. Hiking (or backpacking) in the Adirondacks has never been more desirable for those with a penchant for the outdoors. This e

clectic collection of trails features jaw-dropping mountain overlooks, gushing waterfalls, abandoned mines, mirror ponds, lakeside respites, and densely-thicketed forests. Many of these spellbinding strolls and climbs are located in the nearby Siamese Ponds Wilderness, a sprawling, 114,010-acre preserve that never ceases to amaze.


Please keep in mind that distances and difficulty levels are estimates. Remember to stay hydrated, pack plenty of snacks, and apply ample sunscreen. And don’t hesitate to utilize the on-site Outdoor Center for information on anything and everything hiking related.


Best Overall Trail: Peaked Mountain

Best Mountain Overlook: Crane Mountain

Prettiest Body of Water: Wolf Pond

Prettiest Waterfall: OK Slip Falls

Top Hidden Gem: Balm of Gilead

A Quintessential Adirondack Lodge: Garnet Hill

Adventure awaits around every corner of this lush, undeniably beautiful landscape. Garnet Hill Lodge, as its name suggests, is mounted above the rolling terrain below. Not only are guests steps from a seemingly endless Adirondack hiking trail system, but you also enjoy swift access to gourmet dining, several hundred acres of private backcountry, and the area’s top-ranked tour guides. Complementary activities for those aiming to hike near the lodge include canoe trips, singletrack biking, and fly fishing. Garnet Hill is also proud to be one of the most beloved romantic getaways in New York, primarily because of our remote location, natural beauty, and elegant accommodations. Please keep an eye out for our ongoing midweek discounts at Garnet-Hill.com. Remember: Booking directly is the best way to save!

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