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Skike V9 Cross Skate Demo

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We had the pleasure of demoing the new Skike V9 Cross Skates this past week and it was  a lot of fun.  These are marketed as all terrain roller skis that allow you to train on trails in the off-season.  With an impressive list of features, we were excited to get our feet in these roller skis and see what they were all about.



  • Ski on road or off
  • 8-inch wheels
  • Use your own shoes
  • Individual leg adjustment
  • Selective Heel Lift Function
  • Brakes
  • Ability to ski classic or skate




Our Take:

We had a great time learning to use these roller skis, but they do take some learning.  While the movement required is similar to that of cross-country skiing, it is not exactly the same, and skiers will need to give themselves some time to learn to use the equipment.  The roller skis are sold as being “all-terrain” skis, and hyped up as being the “Fat Bikes” of roller skis.  Unfortunately, we were a little disappointed in terms of the terrain they can truly handle.  As an off road “SKATE” roller ski the Skike V9 one has to have a very hard pack and buffed in trail. They worked great in our dirt and gravel parking lot and on dirt and gravel roads like many of the roads surrounding Garnet Hill.  Once once we had gotten some practice under our belt, we took them for a spin around Old Faithful.  However, that is about as far as we felt comfortable pushing them in terms of terrain.

However, used for classic skiing these big rigs rolled very smoothly over really any terrain, though not mud, medium sized rocks, roots or branches. A skier will have to keep their weight lower than normal classic skiing on groomed trails, very akin to backcountry skiing.

Here are some more videos to give you a feel for what they can handle.

So here is the verdict:  Fun? Definitely, yes.  Great for an off-season workout that reminds us of skiing? Yes.  Equipment that allows us to take full advantage of our ski trail system? Unfortunately not.


More Information

For more information, take a look at the product on the Skike Website.


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