Mountain Biking at Garnet Hill Lodge

WE NOW HAVE FAT BIKES!!! Fat bikes give you the ability to explore more places in more seasons. From dunes to drifts and snow to sand, fat tire bikes give you the incredible traction and control that lets you tackle anything, any time, for any reason. Use our mountain bike trails and hiking trails to enjoy thrilling bike rides from easy to adventurous. Mountain bike rentals are included with overnight stay at the Lodge. Fat bike rental rates are listed below, overnight guests incur a discounted fee.

In addition, road bikers have a abundance of routes to choose from in the surrounding areas for challenging and scenic rides throughout the southeastern Adirondacks.

About Our Trails


The cross country ski trails, old roads, and single track bike trails combine for a great variety of mountain bike terrain here in the Southern Adirondacks. Our novice ski trails are novice bicycle trails, and the expert ski trails become expert only mountain bike trails.

For beginners, the easiest riding is on the roads in the area – Old Farm Road, 4-H Road, Harvey Road, and 13th Lake Road. The Old Faithful Trail connects 4-H Road and Harvey Road and makes a nice beginner loop.

Intermediate bike rides are found on Trapper, Cougar, and Sugarhouse Trails. These trails also lead to Mountain View Trail, Apple Way and The North Acres Farm. There are great mountain views and you can see some of the high peaks of the Adirondacks here.

Expert riders can test their skills on Andy’s Run, Solitude, Bobcat, Duffany’s, and all our single-track trails. Print out our biking trail map or get a copy at the lodge or at the Adventure Center.

Also, the single track trails intersect and mingle with the broader ski trails in numerous locations, so you can ride on one type of trail for a while and then switch to the other to try something different.

Trail Pass and Bike Rental Rates

$15 / 1 Day Trail Pass
$25 / 1 Day Mountain Bike Rental (includes trail fee)
$20 / ½ Day Mountain Bike Rental (includes trail fee)
$40 / 1 Day FAT Bike Rental (includes trail fee)
$30 / ½ Day FAT Bike Rental (includes trail fee)

Overnight Guests 
Trail & Mountain Bike use – Free!
$25 / 1 Day FAT Bike Rental (includes trail fee)
$20 / ½ Day FAT Bike Rental (includes trail fee)

Mountain Bike Sizes
12″, 15″ & 17″

Fat Bike Sizes
15″ & 17″


Garnet Hill Lodge

Garnet Hill Lodge