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A Great Weekend of Hikes

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Three weekends into September and we are loving the weekend hike series.  It has been a fantastic way to get to know our guests and share with them some of what makes Garnet Hill so special.

New this weekend was the Hooper Loop hike, born out of the enthusiasm on hikes in previous weekends.  It has been fantastic to see that people are eager to continue on a little bit farther once we get to the Hooper Mine ridge.

On one of our hikes to Hooper Mine, Patrick launched a contest to the kids in the group.  Etched into a piece of garnet in Hooper Mine is the date that the last miners left the site, he asked them to find the marking.  There was no prize except pride, but they spent 2 and half hours exploring the cabin foundations, rocks, field and cliff sides of the abandoned mine hunting for that date, April 1, 1928.

On another occasion, while visiting William Blake Pond, Patrick and his group were fortunate enough to see a beaver and two deer.  Both are creatures that generally stay out of sight when they hear humans approaching and it was wonderful for the group to see them in their native habitat.  As Patrick says, William Blake Pond “is just a great Adirondack pond”.


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