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Garnet Hill Lodge Fall Foliage Getaways

Posted in Fall at Garnet Hill

Adirondack Fall Foliage: Vibrant, Inviting, Picturesque We’re within a few weeks of autumn’s official “peak” here at Garnet Hill Lodge, an idyllic fall-inspired Adirondack getaway destination. A couple of days ago, we shared a 36-hour fall itinerary complete with a bevy of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, fishing, and paddling. Today, we’re going to provide 10 unique ways to experience the always jaw-dropping Adirondack fall foliage. Because Garnet Hill boasts 700 acres of private, densely-thicketed forestry…

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36-Hour Fall Itinerary at Garnet Hill Lodge: Hike, Paddle, & Fish Among the Foliage

Posted in Fall at Garnet Hill, Things to Do

Social Distance in Style at Our Adirondack Resort Escape to a fall paradise at the 700-acre Garnet Hill Lodge in North River, where you can spend a few days or a week reconnecting with nature at our off-the-beaten path resort and outdoor center. Stay active and enjoy the sights with hikes and other activities during the day, and then wind down in the evening with s’mores under the stars. Garnet Hill offers guided hikes on…

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An “Endless” Summer Adirondack Vacation with the Kids

Posted in Garnet Hill Promotions, General, Summer at Garnet Hill

Sadly, the summer of 2020 came and went in a flash. However, increased flexibility at most workplaces has led to something peculiar: an “endless” summer. Because Mom and Dad can work remotely, and the kiddos have the ability to learn from home, a lot of families are rethinking their late-summer, fall, and early-winter plans. Families can utilize this new-found flexibility to embark on a “workcation,” a novelty in its own right. Balancing work and school…

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A Comprehensive Adirondack Hiking Guide

Posted in Fall at Garnet Hill, Summer at Garnet Hill, Things to Do

Over the years, we’ve written a lot of literature about the countless Adirondack hiking trails near Thirteenth Lake and serene Garnet Hill Lodge. We even curated a helpful Adirondack trail guide, which outlines distances, directions, and elevation gains for each local hike. This summer, we’ve decided to piece together a comprehensive, bookmark-able Adirondack hiking guide that will come in handy for years to come. The 30 Best Adirondack Hiking Trails Below, you’ll discover 30 links…

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Backcountry and Single-Track Mountain Biking in New York

Posted in Fall at Garnet Hill, Spring at Garnet Hill, Summer at Garnet Hill, Things to Do

Working away in the office, I cannot help but daydream about the miles upon miles of glorious, mountainous terrain that encircles Garnet Hill Lodge. During the summer months, New York City’s finest citizens flock into the Upstate’s awe-inspiring Adirondack Mountains in search of something adventurous and undeniably liberating. Luckily for you, we’re perfectly situated on a pine-less hill overlooking serene Thirteenth Lake, a hidden gem if there ever was one. North River, NY—particularly the seemingly…

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Classic Adirondack Canoe Trips at Garnet Hill

Posted in Summer at Garnet Hill, Things to Do

The Adirondack Mountains have never been more enticing than now, particularly as millions of New Yorkers rediscover their love of outdoor recreation. As summer gets well underway, the team here at Garnet Hill Lodge continues to plan for a wave of nature enthusiasts who have their sights set on the Adirondacks’ sprawling backland. Paddling on serene Thirteenth Lake, regardless of watercraft genus, ranks among the most popular backcountry pursuits fostered at our on-site Outdoor Center….

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Garnet Hill Lodge, a Quintessential Adirondack Experience

Posted in General, Summer at Garnet Hill, Things to Do

The sprawling, densely-thicketed Adirondack Mountains are calling. After a brief hiatus, New Yorkers (and New Englanders) are beginning to flock into the Adirondacks for some much-needed adventure, rejuvenation, and isolation. Garnet Hill Lodge, a quintessential Adirondack experience, began reopening its doors in late May, much to the delight of New York’s many nature enthusiasts. And, of course, there’s never been a more critical time to spend time with family amid towering eastern hemlocks and Norway…

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Memorial Day Weekend 2020

Posted in General, Summer at Garnet Hill, Things to Do

What to do this Weekend in the Adirondacks? Like us, you may have been looking forward to this upcoming weekend as the official start to summer vacationing.  While we cannot invite you to come and stay with us quite yet, if you are within day-trip distance, we do have a few suggestions, including an idea for dinner. 1. Bring your bikes– Our mountain bike trails are open free of charge.  Print out a map at home…

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Plan an Isolated Adirondack Fly Fishing Excursion

Posted in Spring at Garnet Hill, Things to Do

As thousands of Americans rediscover the allure of New York’s sprawling Adirondack Mountains over the coming weeks, a well-deserved, long-overdue escape to Garnet Hill Lodge grows that much more enticing. Our peaceful, hillside haven rests high above 329-acre Thirteenth Lake and some of the densest forestry in the state. There’s never been a better time than right now to start planning your next adventure-based escape to Garnet Hill, as you’ve likely been feverishly itching to…

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Easter Brunch – Cancelled

Posted in General, Spring at Garnet Hill

We are now accepting reservations for Easter Brunch.  With a delicious menu, family-friendly atmosphere, live music and an unbeatable view, it is hard to beat Easter Brunch at the Log House. See more information or request a reservation.

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