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An Unforgettable Adirondacks Winter Escape to Garnet Hill

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The wait is over. The much-anticipated Adirondacks winter sports season is officially here to stay (until spring’s thaw, that is). While Garnet Hill Lodge rests on a seemingly endless summertime hiking system near countless whitewater rafting, backcountry fishing, and mountain biking possibilities, winter holds a special place in our hearts. First of all, nothing tops a Christmas or New Year’s Eve escape into the heart of the Adirondack Mountains amid hoarfrost-speckled trees, rolling hills, and curious wildlife. And, as always, our team does a splendid job of decorating the lodge with loads of holiday-themed flair, including a tall, festive, and elegantly-lit fir.


However, most guests who meander into these frosty mountains for an adventurous, well-deserved Adirondacks winter getaway are typically focused on three things: cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and fat biking. In fact, Garnet Hill remains the only cross-country ski lodge in New York to provide guests with complimentary passes to an on-site trail system. Naturally, let’s start there.

World-Class Cross-Country Skiing the Adirondacks

In September, we went into great detail about our extensive on-site cross-country trail system. But, just in case you missed that write-up, we’re more than happy to take another long look at the Outdoor Center’s many Nordic surprises. First and foremost, the Outdoor Center’s trail passes are free to all guests of the lodge. Secondly, you’ll discover a wide array of rental equipment, ranging from skis, poles, and boots to pulks. Thirdly, as you’ll notice on this meticulously-detailed map, Nordic skiers could easily spend several days exploring these wooded trails and leave feeling they have something new to try next time.

Snowshoeing: Mines, Mountains, and Uncharted Territory

Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks

Perhaps our favorite aspect of any Adirondacks winter vacation is the freedom to explore this region’s serene glory with nothing but snowshoes, intuition, and desire for backcountry adventure. With that being said, snowshoers also have exclusive access to more than 15 kilometers of snowshoe trails on the Garnet Hill Lodge trail system. In addition, there are a number of fantastic treks just off the property.  Hooper Mine provides climbers with 360-degree views of the region, while hundreds of former guests revere the Balm of Gilead Mountain as a “quintessential Adirondacks winter adventure.” Upon arrival, ask a team member inside the Outdoor Center about their favorite off-site snowshoeing destinations—you might be surprised that many of them are located just outside of our back door.

Everyone’s New Favorite Winter Activity: Fat Biking

Wintertime fat biking continues to grow in popularity here in the Upstate New York, which is why we created a network of single-track trails. Fat bike rentals start at just $30, but most visitors arrive fully geared up and ready for the wilderness trek of a lifetime. If you’re an avid fat biker, we recommend an early weekday stay as we open the entire trail system to all-terrain bicycles on Mondays. Once the trails have been carved up by countless fat bikes, the conditions become a tad bit sloppy—adding an extra element of fun into the already exhilarating mix.

Historic Hotels near North River, NY

There’s no better place to relax, warm-up, and greet the night than right here at Garnet Hill Lodge, one of the top-reviewed Upstate New York resorts. After showering and readying for dinner, head down to the Log House Restaurant & Pub for fine wine, blackened swordfish, and stories of the day’s most absorbing stories beside a crackling fireplace. For information on many more of the best things to do in the Adirondacks in winter, please visit our activities page. And don’t forget that the ideal place to commemorate a wonderous day of unfailing Adirondacks winter adventures is inside one of our elegant (and romantic) guest rooms. Please give us a call today at 518-251-2444 to book a long-awaited wintertime getaway to Garnet Hill Lodge!

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