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Discover What Makes Our Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Trail System Unique

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Over the years, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing have continued to grow in popularity, especially here in the Adirondacks when snow blankets the region during winter. These activities provide the perfect escape into the wilderness as you reconnect with the beauty of nature and enjoy an invigorating workout.

At Garnet Hill Lodge, we offer some of the best cross-country ski and snowshoe trails that you can find in the Northeast. Read on to learn about what makes our trail system special and why you should start planning your next winter adventure with us.

three cross country skiers on a trail

Welcome to Garnet Hill: Where Snow Always Falls & Our 55km of Trails Are Groomed to Perfection

The Adirondack Park receives plentiful snowfall each year, but one of the reasons our 800-acre property features an extended ski season is because we’re based at 2,000 ft. elevation, which helps the snow stick around longer compared to other places. And, with all this snow, we take the time to expertly groom our ski trails daily to ensure our guests and visitors have the best possible experience.

vehicle grooming ski trails

As you enter the trail system, you can look forward to well-marked trails, set tracks and skating lanes for classic cross-country skiing and skate skiing, and a variety of terrain with both forested and open areas. There are trails to suit all types of skiers, from beginners to experts and young kids to adults.

The trail system conveniently begins near our Lodge and Outdoor Center, so Garnet Hill guests can wake up in the morning, step outside the front door, and start skiing. Lodging guests and day visitors are welcome at our property, but one of the perks of staying the night is free trail access.

Map Out Your Adventure at Our Snow-Covered Wonderland

three people cross country skiing down a trail

If you’re new to cross-country skiing but would love to try it for the first time this season, then book a lesson at our Outdoor Center so you can learn the basics and ski with ease. However, if you’re eager to pack up your skis and map out your adventure now, then we have a couple recommendations.

The first is Old Faithful, a scenic two-mile loop that starts right by the Outdoor Center and takes skiers on a leisurely journey through the woods. Old Faithful is ideal for beginners or families with kids, and it connects to intermediate and expert level trails if you’d like to increase the difficulty.

Another excellent option is to ski to the Sugar House, which will require you to travel along a few different intermediate level trails. When you arrive, take some time to rest up inside the Warming Hut before heading back (Note: For 2021, masks are required at the Warming Hut, and skiers should maintain 6 feet of distance and limit their time inside).

a person skiing across a frozen and snowy lake

Or, for a truly memorable trip, ski down to the nearby Thirteenth Lake. We groom trails all the way to the lake, and during mid-winter as ice conditions permit, you can actually ski across the frozen lake. While you’re out there, be sure to soak up the breathtaking view of the mountains and forests.

Travel Over the Hills and Through the Woods on a Pair of Snowshoes

small group snowshoeing in woods

While cross-country skiing is an activity everyone can enjoy, it can be just as fun to explore snowy terrain on a pair of snowshoes instead. We offer six different snowshoe routes totaling 15 km that intertwine with our ski trails to make one of the Northeast’s most extensive trail systems.

For your snowshoe adventure, you can tackle the family-friendly Botheration Loop, a flat trek through the property that circles back to the Outdoor Center, the Balm of Gilead Mountain trail, or another designated route. You can even head off the property to the adjacent Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area, which features nearly 40 miles of trails for snowshoeing and backcountry skiing.

Experience the Finest Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

one person skiing on a trail

Whether you’re a fan of cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, you can do it all at our unique trail system in North River. To get started, you can reserve equipment rentals from our full-service ski center, book a private lesson, or purchase a day pass. We recommend that you pre-purchase passes and equipment online.

If you’d like to stay the night for the complete Garnet Hill experience, then book your winter getaway at one of our comfortable guest rooms or cottages today!

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