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It Certainly Feels Like Summer this September

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With the past few weekends giving us highs well into the 80’s it still feels remarkably like summer up at Garnet Hill these days.  After a summer on the cooler side, it is a surprise, but a welcome one.  We expected to be talking about peak fall foliage by this time in September, but truthfully, the real story about mother nature this weekend was the sun.

Group Event Garnet Hill Lodge Adirondacks NYUp at the Log House on Saturday afternoon, guests and racers were able to bask in the sun after the Garnet Hill Grit Bike Race, enjoying live music, cold drinks and a barbecue after the Garnet Hill Grit Mountain Bike Race.  It was a hot but beautiful day that started with fantastic mountain biking, and ended with a beautiful wedding on the lawn.

Butterflies seem to be out in abundance, enjoying the warm weather just as much as we are, and fluttering around the marigolds by the entrance to the Log House.

Down at the lake, the sun felt strong and lower than usual, playing on the ripples in the water and highlighting the row boat and docks.  While the water is cooling down with the cooler temperatures at night, the heat of the day enticed a few swimmers.  The weather is still absolutely perfect for canoeing, kayaking and even paddle boarding.  Now more than ever, there is nowhere more peaceful than the middle of 13th Lake.

As for the foliage, the best is still to come.  According to the map below from iloveny.com, we are just over the line from the “Just Changing” regions and fall in the “Midpoint” regions (see the blue dot).  This means that we are not yet near peak conditions, despite the occasional orage, red or yellow trees that are appear around Garnet Hill.  The overall effect when you look out at the mountains is of a less vibrant green as the spots of orange mix with the trees that have not yet changed.  The more spectacular colors appear when you look at the trees immediately around you as you are out on a hike or driving down the road. It seems that our warm weather has slowed the initial change in colors brought on by the cooler weather earlier in the season.  As cool temperatures persist in the evenings, the foliage will pick up, and those brilliant and beautiful fall views will be here soon. Long story short, we could have plenty of fall colors to come in October.

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