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Meet Nicholas Keiper: Our New Chef at the Log House Restaurant in North River

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Garnet Hill Lodge has been serving customers incredible dishes throughout our time in the Adirondacks. One Google reviewer says, “we hosted a welcome dinner and reception dinner and our guests could not stop raving about the food.” With such great cuisines being crafted, you must wonder…who is behind all of this? Our new chef at the Log House Restaurant in North River, Nicholas Keiper, answered some questions about how he decides what to make and his journey to culinary success.

left photo of chef; right photo of plates of food

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a chef?

Keiper told us, “When I was 18 years old and picked up a shift as a dishwasher for some extra cash and fell in love with the kitchen.”

This led us to our next questions about the restaurant experience and how he feels about it.

What is your specialty meal that you’ll never get tired of making?

To our surprise, Keiper said, “I try not to pick favorites.”

This helps as he directs his creativity toward cooking and having an open mind when creating new dishes. With this sort of thinking, we had to ask him about the creative process.

Do you have a creative process for crafting new dishes?

He replied, “Everything starts with the ingredients. Find something that excites me and go from there.”

Understanding this approach, we asked where this derived from.

Where did you gain the most experience as a chef?

It was simply, “From following a good friend and mentor.” Ever since, he has been crafting wonderful recipes for visitors to the Adirondack region.

With an abundance of customers over the years, we have seen the dinner rush and the stress it can bring. We wondered how Keiper deals with this type of situation.

How do you face challenges as a chef during a dinner rush?

Keiper has an approach that all of us should bring to the work we do. He tells us, “Head on. That’s the only way that works.”

After a busy night in the restaurant, we were curious if Keiper tends to cook more or less outside of work.

tables and chairs in a rustic dining room

I’ve met chefs that either love cooking outside of work or don’t…what is your standpoint on this?

After many nights of providing customers with wonderful meals, he told us, “I’ve never liked cooking for myself. Give me someone to cook for and I’ll love every minute of it.”

With such a beautiful thought process toward cooking, we next thought about the Adirondack Park. Was there something that Keiper enjoyed about this area?

What do you love most about the Adirondack region?

Keiper said, “Looking up at the stars on a clear night.”

Nights at Garnet Hill provide pure tranquility which even our top notch chef enjoys. Nearing the end of our interview, there were a few more questions that we had on the future at the lodge.

Do you have any exciting changes for the upcoming spring/summer season?

Keiper explained, “I plan to get my hands on as much local produce as I can.”

We loved this answer as we have always focused on high quality ingredients at our lodge.

Being able to support the community on top of that is something we all consider important. Our last question revolved around the customer experience and our chef’s thoughts on it.

two glasses of beer by a fireplace

What do you hope guests will remember the most from dining at Garnet Hill Lodge?

He stated that, “All I hope is that they enjoy their experience.”

From an executive chef who fell in love with the kitchen at a young age, his focus has always been on others. Whether that is creating food at home for others or visitors of the Adirondacks.

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