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New Adventures & Diverse Cross-Country Ski Trails Await Experienced Skiers at Garnet Hill Lodge

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Whether it’s the fun of escaping into peaceful woods or that invigorating feeling of a full-body workout, there are many reasons why people look forward to cross-country ski season each year. If you’re an experienced skier in search of new terrain to conquer this winter, then look no further than Garnet Hill Lodge.

Located in the heart of the Adirondacks, our property offers an impeccably groomed trail network for traditional cross-country skiing and easy access to backcountry skiing opportunities.

cross country skiers going uphill

Discover the Ideal Base Camp for Your Next Cross-Country Ski Trip

Situated at 2,000 feet elevation in the beautiful Adirondack Park, Garnet Hill is renowned for offering exceptional ski conditions from early winter into spring. As soon as snow covers our rustic lodge and the surrounding area, we work hard to groom our 50+ kilometer trail network and open it for both lodging guests and day users.

Over the years, when we asked our experienced skiers what they enjoyed most about the trail network, many of them told us they loved the variety of trails available at our property, as well as the quality of our grooming. Compared to other Nordic centers you may have been to, our two-way trails are wide and encompass wooded areas, open fields as well as access to 13th Lake (once frozen), making it easy to customize your adventure.

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You can start off with a couple of steep trails, glide along some easier ones, or complete a few loops until you’ve built up a sweat. Our trail network features set tracks and skating lanes, so no matter your preferred style of cross-country skiing, you’ll have an outstanding experience traveling over the hills and through the snowy woods this winter.

First-Time Visitor? Here’s a Fun & Challenging Route for Experienced Skiers to Practice Their Skills

One of the advantages of staying at Garnet Hill is the opportunity to ski right out the front door of the main lodge. Trail passes are included with overnight stays, and you can access our vast trail network from the lodge or the Outdoor Center and ski shop, which is a short distance away. To help you get started on your first trip, here’s a route that experienced skiers will find rewarding:

  1. From the Log House, head down to the ski shop and on to Old Faithful. Take Old Faithful to Bobcat.
  2. Next, follow Bobcat to Cougar Run and then down Cougar until you reach Harvey’s Tailings.
  3. From Harvey’s Tailings challenge yourself by skiing up Trapper all the way back to Old Faithful and then on to the Outdoor Center.
  4. From the Outdoor Center take Cut Off back to the Log House.
  5. When you return, be sure to step inside for a warm or cold beverage and delicious meal to celebrate a successful outing.

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This is just one route you can take during your visit to Garnet Hill – the possibilities are nearly endless! You can practice skate skiing on the flatter loops at Apple Way, Mountain View, and Apple Hill, tackle the uphill section at Solitude, and more.

See the full trail map for other ideas >>

Gear Up for an Incredible Backcountry Ski Adventure

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In addition to our groomed trail network, Garnet Hill is ideally located near some of the region’s top backcountry ski trails. If you enjoy the challenge of traversing deep snow and ungroomed trails, then you’ll discover a few different options available.

Starting from the Outdoor Center, backcountry skiers can travel down to the William Blake Pond Trail and then head toward Halfway Brook or the Nature Trails. These ungroomed trails are in a separate area from our groomed trail network, which provides even more privacy as you soak up the natural scenery.

Or, you can plan a day trip to the Siamese Ponds Wilderness Area and check out the 40+ miles of mapped and marked trails there. Siamese Ponds is the perfect place for an outdoor winter adventure, and to reach it, just follow the Wilderness Trail to the Old Farm Clearing. Be sure to ask our Outdoor Center staff any questions you have about the backcountry trails before you leave.

Will We See You at Garnet Hill This Winter?

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Skiers of all skill levels are welcome to experience some of the Northeast’s best ski terrain at Garnet Hill. Trail passes are included with overnight stays, a perk of staying with us, and both day passes and season passes are available for all other visitors. These are available online, as well as our equipment rentals, which makes it easy to avoid long lines and wait times.

We’re expecting a busy ski season this year, so it’s highly recommended that you make plans for lodging, trail passes, and equipment rentals as soon as you can.

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